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Kiwano & Romanesco Candles / Piera Bochner


Kiwano & Romanesco Candles by Piera Bochner

Kiwano About 5 in. high, about 3 in. diameter (about 9.5 in. circumference).

Romanesco About 4 in. high, about 3.5 in. diameter.

Soy paraffin wax blend.

Listed in order of appearance:

  • Kiwano pink
  • Romanesco green
  • Kiwano mixed (eggplant, green, pink)
  • Romanesco red burst
  • Kiwano blue
  • Romanesco mauve
  • Kiwano red
Piera Bochner is an artist & designer based in Brooklyn, NY.

The shapes of each candle are derived from organic produce found in the markets of Berlin and New York. The colored waxes are individually melted and then poured into molds, waiting for each layer to cool & harden before adding the next, creating the layered effect. The process is intuitive, spontaneous, and somewhat unpredictable—each candle is individual. The candle becomes both a functional object, as well as an ever-changing sculptural form when inert.