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Mountain Dream Tarot / Bea Nettles


Mountain Dream Tarot created by Bea Nettles

A full deck of 78 photographic tarot cards in a blue velvet bag. Based on the traditional Rider Waite tarot deck (does not include booklet).

The original deck began in 1970 at Penland School in North Carolina.

The idea came Bea Nettles in her sleep, and she began to look for willing models. Based on the Pictorial Key to the Tarot by Arthur Waite, it took her five years.

A unique deck was made with hand colored photos using multiple negatives in the darkroom.

This is thought to be the first fully photographic deck in history and is very rare.

This complete deck is in Yale’s Beinecke Library. A few sample cards from this same vintage are in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

The current commemorative deck was created for the fiftieth anniversary of the work begun in 1970. The original black and white prints were scanned with the changes needed to match the narrower aspect ratio of print on demand technology and printed in monochrome.

They recapture the low-tech and heartfelt look of the historic 1975 Mountain Dream Tarot.