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Lungi Blue Box Button-Down / New Market Goods


Lungi Blue Box Button-Down by New Market Goods

Boxy cut for a modern, oversized look. Full-button-front, with top button loop detail.

Handwash or machine wash cold; line dry or dry flat; iron medium or steam

Fits true to size or conventional US letter-based sizing standards.

Chest: 34-36" + Waist: 29-31"

Chest: 37-39" + Waist 32-34"

Chest: 40-42" + Waist: 35-37"

Chest: 43-45" + Waist: 38-40"

Complimentary shipping in the U.S.

New Market Goods is a clothing and textile label designed in Brooklyn and produced in partnership with Deshal, a community of Bangladeshi garment makers striving to create better working conditions in their factory.

Together, they focus on upholding standards of fair wages, reasonable labor terms, and sustainable production practices. Their co-founders and co-owners are women, minorities, and members of the Muslim and LGBT communities.


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