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DIY Music: A Practical Field Guide / Greg Lloyd


A selection of practical tips focused on the DIY musician, Greg Lloyd examines the process of writing and recording high-quality music using the home studio.

How do I make professional-quality recordings using my home music studio? Do I need an expensive recording degree to make great music? How do I build a personal recording studio on a budget?

What are the specific differences between a professionally made recording and my current material?

How do I promote my band, and book shows and tours?

If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to answer these questions through using conflicting internet source material, this guide is for you!


Greg Lloyd is a musician and audio engineer specializing in mastering.

Greg writes and records with several local bands, plays in shows of all types in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and produces several passion projects each year independently.

As a producer, Greg manages Prism Collabs, an independent production outfit where he coordinates collaborative releases with a variety of artists.

In addition to his creative work, Greg is an adjunct faculty member at Estrella Mountain and Glendale Community Colleges teaching music humanities and developing curriculum. 

Greg maintains an active private studio of music students and is also on faculty at Rosie’s House: A Music Academy for Children, a nonprofit specializing in providing free music education for underserved populations.

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