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Apartamento Cookbook #4: Eggs


The fourth annual Apartamento cookbook is an homage to the glorious egg, universal symbol of fertility and the circle of life.

In this book Apartamento compiled favorite egg recipes (and importantly the stories behind them) of yet another 16 of the world’s best chefs, food lovers, and culinary taste makers, from Tokyo to Tunis. Enjoy!

Apartamento Cookbook #4: Eggs 
featuring: Anaïs Van Manen, Antoni Miralda & Montse Guillén, Carlo Cracco, Clare de Boer, Dylan Watson-Brawn, Fabián Von Hauske Valtierra, Ignacio Mattos, Kim Hastreiter, Lauren Stephens & Fred Mora, Elisabeth Prueitt, Liza Asseily, Martin Berg, May Chow, Norte Restaurant, Rafram Chaddad, and Shohei Yasuda. Illustrations by Dennis Eriksson. Drawings by Dennis Eriksson

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Published by Apartamento Publishing S.L.

November 2019
, First edition

Dimensions: 170 x 240mm
 / 9.558 in. x 6.69 in.
Pages: 40

Binding: hard cover + dust jacket

ISBN: 978-84-09-15517-0